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Information about ECEU FIRE

The basic idea of the East-Central European Fire Protection Cooperation was suggested by the Chairman of the Hungarian Fire Protection Association in his presentation on the first Czech International Fire Protection Conference in 2004. After several consultations, the leaders of the Fire Protection Associations of 5 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia) signed their first Cooperation Agreement on 4 October 2007, at the International Fire Protection Conference held by the Ukrainian Association in Yalta.

In 2010, the Romanian, the Croatian and the Slovenian Association applied for membership, as a result of this „Annexe I“ of the Cooperation Agreement was signed on the 24.11.2010 in Budapest.

The purpose of the cooperation is to provide information to the members of each national Association about fire protection business opportunities in the respective region, to facilitate new relations between the members, to inform the members about the national fire protection regulations and about the European regulations.

Regarding the latter, we have the aim to have influence on the final versions of these documents (regulations, norms, directives, decrees) through the experts of the member countries, who participate in the law-making process. 

In this process, ECEUFIRE wishes to facilitate a concerted – and possibly uniform – approach in the region.

We are constantly working on newly developed fire protection methods, techniques; and on request of the members we give the opportunity to publicize the systems developed, produced by them.